How to do a Handstand (and One-Handed Handstand!)

How to do a Handstand (and One-Handed Handstand!)

There is just something so cool and fun about handstands.

However, they are far from easy and many of us can’t even hold one against a wall let alone hold a freestanding one for a second.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t include handstand work in our exercise routines.

Handstands are a great way to build upper body and core stability and strength. Beginner variations even improve your upper body mobility so that as your strength increases, you can do more and more challenging variations.

No matter your level, there is a handstand variation right for you that can help you work toward that freestanding handstand and give you a great upper body and core workout.

Check out our How to do a Handstand Progression (and our How to do a One-Handed Handstand Progression) to help you achieve that handstand or at least get in some great upper body and core work!