There legit looks like there is absolutely no difference between these two images above.

I mean maybe if you look really closely you can see the peanut butter is spread thinner on one…or the bananas are cut a bit thicker.

But if you were making this for yourself, you can see how it would be so easy to make the second and THINK it was the same portion size if you didn’t measure it.

And that’s EXACTLY the problem.

Most of us aren’t as good at “eyeballing” our portion sizes as we think.

And our hunger levels, as well as our stress levels, can dramatically impact exactly how big or small a portion looks….trust me.

Now with general weight loss, you may be able to “get away with” a little more deviation in your portions, especially if you’ve started your journey by cutting out specific foods.

But for fat loss…well you can’t.

We NEED to track if we have specific goals because it’s just so easy for our portions to become distorted.

Something that literally can look exactly the same can have 100 calories more and double the fat. (And heck, if you’re a nut butter fiend like me, that extra tbsp can EASILY become 2 or 3 more…)

And this is exactly why we can FEEL like we’re doing all of the right things yet not seeing the results we want.

Small portion distortions at each meal can add up.

And let’s face it too…the portions that usually become distorted aren’t generally the lean meats or even veggies….

It’s usually the nuts or the dried fruit or the crackers we have “just a couple extra of.”

It’s not that we are even eating “unclean,” whatever “clean” means to you.

But those little things we tend to want to have “extra” of are usually calorically more dense and not as “macro friendly.”

We have to remember that fat loss requires a calorie deficit AND tweaks to our macro ratios…both of which can easily become skewed by “just a few more” constantly being added in.

Tracking may be annoying. It may be tedious. Heck, you may even think it sucks.

But it not only gets easier, it’s truly key to results.

Plus, is 5 minutes of logging a day or an extra few minutes weighing out your food at each meal really worse than not reaching your goals?

Don’t waste time not seeing the results you want!

Learn more about taking control of your portions!