Preventing injuries is a 3 part process – foam rolling, stretching and activation. (It’s what I call theĀ RStoration Method….cause it sounds sexy šŸ˜‰ hehe)

All too often we are doing one, or maybe too, and it’s “helping” but the results don’t seem to fully last.

If we want to not only relax tight muscles, but get the right muscles working, we need to do all 3 pieces!

This “workout” below is the perfect way to use all three parts in your warm up to improve your hip mobility and activate your glutes.

It’s under 15 minutes andĀ can help you prevent low back, hip and knee pain!

The Hip Mobility RStoration Workout

Spend about 30 seconds on each of the foam rolling areas below. Do one round through that circuit. Then do one round through the stretches, completing the reps listed. After one round through the stretches, do 1-2 rounds of the activation. Rest up to 1 minute between rounds of the activation if needed.

30 seconds per side Hamstring Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Quad Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Hip/Glute Foam Rolling
(For the foam rolling moves, clickĀ HERE)

5 repsĀ Dynamic Squat Stretch
5 reps per sideĀ World’s Greatest Stretch
10 reps per sideĀ Dynamic Half Kneeling Hip and Quad Stretch
10 repsĀ Frog Stretch with Interval Rotation

20 repsĀ Mini Band Bench Clams
20 repsĀ Mini Band Hip ThrustersĀ (6:09)
20 repsĀ Mini Band Reverse Hypers

You don’t have to roll or stretch or activate every body part every time. Focus on YOUR areas of pain and tightness and the muscles you plan to work!