In this episode I discuss 5 tips to help you get started tracking your macros! While I know it can seem overwhelming, it’s key we truly understand the foundation of proper nutrition if we want to get not only amazing results, but LASTING RESULTS.


  • Break things down into small sustainable changes.
  • Focus on one change at a time.
  • Don’t strive for perfection but for progress.
  • Focus on making changes based on where you are currently. The key is creating a healthier version of our ACTUAL lifestyle.


  1. Log
  2. Focus on adjusting protein first.
  3. Tweak the meals you already enjoy instead of trying to completely change your diet.
  4. Plan ahead and even create “sample” days based on previous logs.
  5. Don’t start by cutting out the foods you love!


  • The Metabolic Shred – Nervous to start tracking? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! This program has 3 different macros methods to help you slowly adjust those macros, whether you need a VISUAL portion approach, minimalist macros approach or become ready for full macro cycling!