In this episode I discuss the reason we often don’t see the results we want. And that reason is simply that we too often give up too soon. We need to learn to TRUST THE PROCESS and stick with our plan through the ups and downs.


  • The cold hard truth of the matter is…we often don’t get results because we give up at the first sign of struggle.
  • Ultimately progress not perfection is key. CONSISTENCY!!
  • We need to RISK FAILURE to achieve something new and great.
  • Below are 7 tips to help you stay the course this week and keep moving forward toward your goals!


  1. Set habit goals.
  2. Remember that even small steps forward are still steps forward. Make small tweaks based on what you’re currently doing. 
  3. Set goals OUTSIDE of your ultimate goal that relate to the habit goals you want to make. For example, set performance/workout goals.
  4. Track and log. Numbers simply don’t lie. They give us an accurate picture of what we did and why we got the results we did. And they allow us to adjust based on what we are ACTUALLY doing.
  5. Recognize the good days. Don’t just let them fly by!
  6. Find routines you enjoy to create a healthier version of your lifestyle.
  7. Take time to breathe and reflect. Don’t react in the moment. Don’t slash the other 3 tires!


  • The Macro Hacks Program – Learn how to adjust your nutrition and workouts to get results as your needs and goals change!
  • The 30-Day Pull Up Challenge – Reach your aesthetic goals by setting performance goals! Want to achieve that first pull up or maybe even that 15th!? Work toward that goal with this program!