In this episode I discuss how to stay on track when you can’t hit the gym! Because even when we get thrown out of our usual routine, there are still things we can do to make the MOST out of the change and continue creating healthy habits that will lead to results.


  • Even a quick workout can make a difference. Something is better than nothing. Even 5 minutes can add up!
  • Diet is key even when you can’t workout in the usual way! Use unscheduled time away from the gym to dial in your diet.
  • Focus on staying active. Do extra mobility work. Stretch throughout the day. Focus on simply moving MORE.
  • Don’t stress! When things happen out of our control, focus on controlling the one thing you CAN – your reaction to the events!


  1. Do SOMETHING! Even a quick workout is better than nothing!
  2. Focus on your nutrition.
  3. Stay active.
  4. Don’t stress more about the change! Just focus on moving forward!