When we get busy, have family obligations, don’t have easy access to a gym, we tend to make an excuse and skip our workouts.

And I get it.

All of these things make fitting in workouts difficult.

They give us an easy out and we take it because most of us really are strapped for time and pulled in a bazillion different directions.

The problem is…Once we skip one workout, it is very easy to start skipping more and before we know it, our routine and health and fitness goals are completely forgotten.

But we need to take care of ourselves!

That is why it is important to have quick bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere on hand. It helps eliminate the excuses and keep you on track even if it isn’t exactly what you’d be doing at the gym.

Remember, something is always better than nothing.

Plus, you don’t need an hour at a gym to get in a great workout.

Honestly, 15 minutes and your bodyweight is all you need to keep moving forward toward your goals!

So when life tries to get in the way and derail your progress, eliminate the excuses and make your fitness a priority with these quick workouts you can do anywhere!

#1: 1 Minute Max Out

Time: 15 minutes

Set a timer for 1 minute intervals. Complete 3 rounds of the circuit below. Do as many reps in that minute as you can. I recommend counting and recording what you do to not only try to beat it in the next round, but also so you have something to shoot for next time you do the workout!

1 minute Bulldog Burpee
1 minute T Push Ups
1 minute Alternating Side Lunges with Hop
1 minute Spiderman Plank with Knee Drive
1 minute Butterfly Sit Up

#2: Bodyweight Quick Cardio Circuit

Time: 15 Minutes

#3: Bodyweight Core Blaster

Time: 15 Minutes

Ok you know I couldn’t resist giving you a glute activation and core stability workout too…

30 seconds per side 3-Way Hip Circles
30 seconds Frog Bridges
30 seconds Glute Bridge with March
30 seconds Rest

30 seconds per side Side Plank Clams
30 seconds Spiderman Plank
30 seconds Roll to V-Up
30 seconds Rest

#4: 50 Burpee Burnout

Time: As fast as possible, shoot for 5 minutes.

Sometimes a workout can be simple, brutal and under 5 minutes. Here you go! Complete 10 reps of each of these 5 burpee variations. Try not to rest if you can and do them as fast as possible!

10 reps Basic Burpee or modified without push up
10 reps Jack Burpee
10 reps Mountain Climber Burpees
10 reps Burpee Sit Thru
10 reps Side Arm Balance Burpee

For all these Burpee Variations, click here.

#5: The Isometric Killer

Time: 12 Minutes

Even when you are short on time, you can’t forget about workouts that will improve your mobility while building stability and strength. Honestly, the more you sit, the more workouts like this are key even though we want to skip them in favor of workouts that “destroy” us. Isometric workouts are challenging but in a different and IMPORTANT way!

Complete 3 rounds of the circuit below.

30 seconds per side Warrior III
30 seconds Scapular Wall Hold
30 seconds per side Crescent Pose
30 seconds Handstand Hold (Downward Dog to modify)
30 seconds Banana
30 seconds Glute Bridge

For all the Isometric Moves, click here.

Use these 5 quick workouts over the week to stay on track even on your busiest days!

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