I’ve literally made all of the dieting mistakes possible.

I’ve tried to out exercise my diet.

I’ve tried to cut out foods I love.

I’ve tried to out willpower and out work time.

I’ve tried to hit someone else’s arbitrary standards of clean eating…

And none of it worked.

I literally got to a point where I wanted to give up and thought that I was a failure as a coach because I couldn’t change my nutrition.

I claimed I just loved food too much.

I thought maybe it was my genetics…I just stored fat around my middle no matter what.

I literally had the thought, “No program will ever work for me!”

But I then realized one thing that completely shifted my mindset toward my training and nutrition…

This one perspective is why I’m now able to continually improve upon my results and strike a better and better balance…

I realized that I was trying to force myself into a mold…

I was trying to find a perfect program just laid out…

Instead of recognizing where I was at and what I needed to move forward and creating the perfect plan for ME.

We hear all the time the statement, “One size doesn’t fit all.”

As we start yet another program where we force ourselves into a mold.

As we believe our lifestyle needs to meet certain expectations.

And this is exactly what keeps us stuck.

Instead we need to shift our mindset from one of seeking a perfect program to CREATING a perfect plan based on what WE need and what we need RIGHT NOW.

Because our needs and goals will change over time.

By constantly seeking to learn about ourselves and focusing on fundamental principles and strategies…the what and why BEHIND the programs that are pushed on us, we can learn how to adjust our lifestyle to move forward.

So if you truly want to see amazing body recomposition results, you first have to assess where you are at currently and what YOU need to succeed.

Only then can you use the TACTICS, the macros, the specific foods, the meal timings, the moves, the tempos, the variables…in a way that move you forward based on your body, needs and goals at the time!

So before I go over 2 fundamental essentials you need to focus on if you want to see results…

I want you to assess…

What does your current diet and workout routine look like?

How are your workouts mapped out? What moves, reps, sets are you using? How hard are you pushing?

How are is your diet? What is your meal timing? Do you know your portions? Are you hungry all the time? How’s your energy?

Really assess what you’re doing currently and how you feel with your lifestyle.

Then off of knowing your current lifestyle, find ways you can make small changes!

What are the smallest of small changes you could make that even feel easy to start moving forward using these tips based on where you are right now?

This mindset will get you truly creating lifestyle changes that snowball.

This is how DISCIPLINE is built!



Focus on the basics first.

So often we try to optimize for the details when we don’t a solid lifestyle foundation built first.

That’s why if you’re looking to achieve amazing results I want you to focus on these two fundamentals that will lead to amazing body recomp first…

Increasing your protein intake
Focusing your workout routine on strength training

As “simple” as these two things are, that doesn’t mean they are always easy.

This is where having assessed our current lifestyle is so key.

This helps us make changes based on our starting point.

This may mean increasing your current protein intake by just 10 grams to start, even if your ideal goal is 50 or 100 grams more.

Too often we try to make these huge jumps and then don’t create sustainable habits.

We have to remember that change is hard and our body and mind will rebel.

So start with something small.

And even try to do the new habit early in the day.

Increase your protein at that first meal you eat.

By doing the new habit FIRST, we make sure we’re making a change before we get tired or stressed or life gets in the way.

Too often when we leave a new habit till later in the day, it falls by the wayside.

So if you’re seeking to increase your protein, focus on even that small addition of a protein source to your breakfast.

Now you may be thinking, “Ok I can do that to increase my protein, but I can’t put my workout first in the day as much as I’d like to.”

Remember you can also hold yourself accountable and help yourself make those habit changes by having a plan mapped out ahead of time.

Having a clear plan in place, that clear workout progression, gives us that accountability,

So map out those strength workouts ahead of time and focus on designing for the time you have.

Don’t try to force 6 days a week if 3 is realistic for you.

When we design for the time we have, we allow ourselves to get consistent and see those results build.

And the more you do, the more you do.

When you feel successful completing your routines, you’ll often want to do more of the habits that help you see results.

So instead of making yourself feel like you failed because you can’t maintain a workout schedule that isn’t realistic for you, make it something you know is doable.

And then remember, if it challenges you, it will change you!

Design those workouts to challenge those muscles but in a way that meets you where you are at.

Strength training doesn’t have to mean deadlift your 1 rep max. Regress to progress even so you can get more out of every exercise.

Start with bodyweight training even if you need.

But challenge yourself and be intentional with building so your muscles have to adapt and grow stronger!

Remember results happen because we create those new habits and routines in line with our goals.

But creating those sustainable habits all starts by knowing where we are currently so we can make adjustments that are realistic for us to move forward!

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