Want to lose weight but not sure where to start? Feeling intimidated by tracking macros? Feel like you’re already training hard but not seeing results?

Because making changes, and getting started, is the hardest part, I wanted to share how you can build that momentum to see results with a very small tweak to your current lifestyle.

We have to remember that the more we do, the more we do. And this can mean that a positive habit change can lead to more positive habit changes…or inaction can lead to more in action.

So what easy thing can you start doing today to get better weight loss results?

Think about why weight loss occurs…

Because we create that calorie deficit.

You can create, or increase that deficit in two ways…

1: You can cut your calories lower.

This works to a certain extent, but too great a deficit created this way can cause metabolic adaptations and hormonal imbalances.

Not to mention, dietary changes are the hardest for most of us to start.

And if we’re already in a deficit, the thought of eating less may be a struggle and backfire.

So instead you can try way number 2 to create a deficit and do more exercise or activity.

2: Exercise more.

The problem with this is your body adapts. And you can’t just keep adding on more and more and harder and harder training. You’ll end up burnt out and injured.

You can’t out exercise your diet.

Also training MORE can often lead to us doing more and more cardio, which is catabolic to muscle tissue and can then result in muscle mass being lost so we burn fewer calories at rest and ultimately hinder our weight loss and fat loss results.

Not to mention often trying to add in more intense training sessions can spark our appetite further, making it harder to maintain our dietary calorie deficit.

BUT there is a way you can get a bump in your calorie burn through increasing activity WITHOUT stressing your body, or increasing your appetite, further.

In a way that basically keeps your non exercise thermogenesis or the calories you burn outside of your “workouts” higher while not putting you at risk for overtraining, burnout and muscle mass loss.

This activity even has you working in that “fat burning zone” where more of the calories you burn come from fat.

This so unsexy, simple activity is WALKING.

Yup. By adding in just a little extra walking into each and every day you can easily help yourself lose more weight each week and overcome that plateau.

Even just starting with an extra 15 minute walk per day, or increasing your current step count by 2,000 steps, can really start to add up!

Walking will not add to your fatigue but it will help you increase the number of calories you burn in a day.

It won’t detract from future workouts because it won’t create fatigue.

It even mentally can help you stay on track with your nutrition because you’re not just sitting around wanting to eat or repeating the habits you’ve always done. Getting moving can help you want to do MORE of the positive lifestyle changes you are making.

It can also be easy to include in your day as you can use it as a social activity or way to wind down.

You can even break up your walks over the course of the day to fit your schedule.

But this extra movement increases your energy expenditure in a sustainable way that can help you get started losing weight or break a plateau.

It’s perfect if you’re just starting out and need that easy transition in and beneficial even if you’ve been dieting for longer.

And if you’ve been dieting for longer, not only can the addition of walking keep you moving when you tend to want to conserve energy by moving less due to lower body fat levels and an extended deficit, but it can also be used to help lose that last little bit of stubborn fat.

If you have an especially stubborn area to lose from, and are down to that last little bit, you may find that timing your walks right after a burner or session focused on these areas really makes the difference in your result!

Of course this isn’t a magic pill but it may be that final thing you need when you’re just almost at your goal!


To get the best results possible, we want to know all the tools out there we can use to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

And walking is an amazing way to lose an extra pound each week without making more changes to our diet or even having to change our training sessions!

So to start making a change today, think about increasing your step count by even just 2000 steps with a brisk 15 minute walk!

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