Workouts should challenge you but they should also make you smile.

Having fun with your workouts doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard enough. You can get great results while having fun!

Below are three partner exercises that are sure to make you smile, but will also challenge your entire body.

Three Partner Exercises:

1. The Partner Reaction Lunge – A huge part of moving well in every day life is being able to react quickly. These lunges will work on your leg strength while also working on your ability to react and balance when something throws you off.

partner lunges

To do the Partner Reaction Lunge, one partner will stand behind the other. The partner in back will “push” the front partner forward so that they have to react and catch themselves in a lunge.

They will then push back from the lunge and come back to standing. Once they are back standing, their partner will push them again. This time the partner will lunge on the other side.

The “pushes” should be hard enough that the partner is challenged to react and catch themselves without being so hard that they completely lose their balance.

The partner being pushed must also make sure to wait for the push. Do not lunge before your partner pushes you!

The harder the push, the harder the move will be.

One partner will go for a set amount of time or reps and then the second partner will go.

2. The Partner Hamstring Curl – This is one of the toughest hamstring exercises out there and a great one if you want to work your hamstrings and don’t have a hamstring curl machine.

partner hamstring curl costa mesa

To do the Partner Hamstring Curl, kneel on the ground with your feet flexed and your partner behind you. The partner in back will hold down the ankles of the front partner. Press down hard to really anchor them. This will help them more easily use their hamstrings to come back up.

Then the front partner will slowly lower themselves down forward, keeping their body in a nice straight line. Keep your hands up by your chest as if you are going to do a push up so that once you reach the ground you can catch yourself on your hands and use your arms to press yourself back up.

Push up off the ground as if doing a push up. Only push as hard as you need to assist your hamstrings in pulling you back up. Do not sit your butt back as you come back up.

Make your hamstrings do the work. Come all the way back up and repeat.

Beginners may start facing a wall. They will lower themselves down to the wall and then curl back up. By not going all the way down to the ground, the move should be easier and allow them to isolate their hamstrings.

beginner hamstring curls

3. The Partner Stability Wall Push – Probably the most fun move of the three and also the most core intensive if you really challenge yourself and your partner.

partner core exercise

To do the Partner Stability Wall Push, one partner will stand facing the wall. They will set up fairly close with their feet in a staggered stance and their hands against the wall.

They will then press into the wall as if trying to drive the wall back. Their arms should bend and they should get close to the wall.

Then as they hold, their partner will “push and pull” them to force their core to engage. By pushing and pulling your partner, you are making sure they are driving into the wall as hard as they can.

Do not let your partner move you as they push you.

Hold for a set amount of time and then switch partners.

WARNING: Giggling may ensue as you push each other around. ENJOY IT!

Working out shouldn’t and doesn’t always have to feel like work! Have some fun and try these three partner moves!