We all know we can’t spot reduce by only working our “problem areas,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t do workouts to focus on those areas of our core that need the most work!

And too often when we do our core workouts, we only focus on our abs.

But your core workouts should include moves to target your inner thighs, obliques and glutes!

AKA those areas we too often forget but would really like to strength and tone!

That is why I wanted to share this 5-Minute Bodyweight Forgotten Core Burner!

It can be used as a quick workout when you are short on time or even as the perfect burnout after your lifting or cardio session!

Try it out today!

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The 5-Minute Forgotten Core Burner

Set a timer for 20 seconds intervals and move right from one move to the next in the circuit. Complete 3 rounds through the circuit without resting!

20 seconds Squat Jump Scissors
20 seconds per side Side Plank Adductor Lifts
20 seconds Glute Bridge with March
20 seconds Peek-a-boo

Don’t forget you can get this as a Follow Along Video Workout and let me show you modifications and help keep you motivated!

Exercise Descriptions:

Squat Jump Scissors:

To do Squat Jump Scissors, set up with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. Squat down, sinking your butt down as you reach to touch the ground. If you can’t sink low enough, while keeping your heels down, to touch the ground, just reach as low as you can. Do not round over just to touch the ground.

Then as you jump up off the ground, bring your feet together at the top, using your adductors to draw them in. Click your heels then as you land, widen your feet back out so you land with your feet back about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. Make sure to sink right back into the squat and not land with your legs straight.

Then quickly repeat exploding back up. Beginners can modify by stepping their feet together as they stand up and then step back out as they sink down.

Side Plank Adductor Lifts:

To do the Side Plank Adductor Raise, set up in a side plank from your forearm and feet. You will want you elbow to be under your shoulder and your feet unstacked with your bottom foot in front and even slightly angled forward. Lift up into the side plank position with your top hand on your hip and your chest not rotated toward the ground. Drive through the sides of your feet and flex your feet to engage even your lower leg.

Holding this position, lift and lower that bottom leg, raising it up a few inches then putting it back down at a controlled pace. Stay up in the side plank the entire time and don’t let your hips sag. Do not place your top hand down to assisted.

If you need to modify, bend that top leg and place the foot flat on the ground behind you OR even regress fully to a side lying adductor lift.

Glute Bridge with March:

To do the Glute Bridge With March, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Your feet should be about hip-width apart and your knees should be in line with your feet and hips. Your feet should be just beyond your fingers when you stretch your arms down by your sides.

Bend your arms to 90 degrees and then drive through your arms, upper back and heels to bridge up. Squeeze your glutes and brace your abs to bridge up.

Holding this bridge, lift one foot up off the ground, bringing your knee in toward your chest as if marching. Do not let your hips sag as you lift the leg.

Move slowly to lift the leg then lower back down and switch, bringing the other knee in toward your chest.

Do not let your hips sag as you march. Also, do not let your low back take over. Keep your abs engaged and really focus on making the glute of the leg that is down work to keep your hips up.

You may not want to lift your leg as high if you struggle to maintain the bridge. Doing a smaller march means that each side has to work independently for shorter, which can make the move a bit easier.


To do the Peek-A-Boo, lie on your back and stretch your straight legs up toward the ceiling. Reach your hands back overhead if you want then let your legs open up to the sides as if moving to do the splits.

As your legs open up, crunch up and reach your hands through your legs. Crunch your shoulder blades up off the ground.

Lower back down and bring your legs back together. Keep your legs as straight as you can the entire time. Repeat crunching back up as you open your legs back up.

Beginners can bend their knees or leave out the upper body crunch and just perform the leg portion.