Yes…DIET IS KEY if you want to lose fat.

BUT for the quickest and best fat loss results possible?

Both diet AND exercise must work together.

You don’t get that lean strong look WITHOUT dialing in your training.

As I like to say, abs aren’t made in the kitchen…they’re REVEALED in the kitchen.

And that is why pairing a healthy diet with a proper workout routine is key.

(If you need help with the diet side of things, CLICK HERE…otherwise let’s have some workout fun!)

The 30/10 Bodyweight Fat Torcher

Set a timer for 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest to transition to the next exercise in the circuit. Do not rest during the 30 seconds of work. It is better to modify the move so that you can keep moving!

Complete 4-6 rounds through the circuit. If needed, you may add in an extra 40-90 seconds of rest between rounds. Otherwise only rest the 10 seconds between moves!

30 seconds Skier Hop Burpee
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Double Pulse Squat Jumps
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Half Burpee with Push Up
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Squat Jump Bulldogs
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Crawl with Sit Thru
10 seconds Rest

Remember, the key is to keep moving the entire 30 seconds while performing QUALITY reps. If you feel your form faltering or you have to rest, try regressing the movements.

Now…Let the sweat fly with this fun 30/10 workout!


If you are struggling with a move, these quick tips will help. I have a whole section on modifying moves to fit your needs in the Cardio Burner program too!

Skier Hop Burpee: To modify, step back on the burpee instead of jumping or even put your hands on a bench instead of going all the way down to the ground.

Double Pulse Squat Jumps: Take out the jump and just do a squat to calf raise instead of leaving the ground. You can even squat to a bench if you need to protect your knees.

Half Burpee with Push Up: Take out the push up or go down to your knees to do the push up. You can even do this off a bench instead of off the ground.

Squat Jump Bulldogs: Instead of doing the jump knee tuck, do a basic bodyweight squat. You can also also walk back instead of a single push back from the squat position.

Crawl with Sit Thru: To modify, keep both hands on the ground for the sit thru and even keep more of a plank position. You can also do the crawl on your knees if needed.

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