Blaming your age for not being able to lose weight, gain muscle or simply move better?

It’s not your age holding you back – it’s your belief in your own abilities. 

Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.

At any age, we can make a change and see better results.

Don’t believe me?

In this video I’m going to share 7 secrets to feeling, looking and moving your best based on this 92 year old fitness trainer – Takishima Mika. 

Hey guys it’s Cori from Redefining Strength where we help you feel, look and move your best at any and every age.

I already know what some of you are thinking, “Well she was always in shape,”

“She doesn’t have the health issues I have.”

“She doesn’t have the stress I have.”

And there is always someone who has it easier out there. But we need to focus on controlling what we can control.

That’s why I want to share these 7 secrets that trainer Takishima used to go from overweight and out of shape at 65, never having joined a gym before, to becoming a certified trainer for the first time EVER at the age of 87. 

Because if you don’t CHOOSE to make a change, no matter what life has thrown your way, you will never see the results you want!

Secret #1: Believe at any age you can make a change.

Takishima was 65 and overweight when she decided it was time to make a change. 

She wasn’t a former gym rat or athlete. 

She just realized that if she wanted to feel and move better, she had to embrace doing the uncomfortable and make those habit changes.

She could easily have found reasons not to make changes, blaming her age for her weight gain.

But instead she realized that only she had the power to make a change for herself.

At any age, we can choose to start something new. 

Will it be uncomfortable?

100% yes.

But it will also be EMPOWERING.There is no better feeling than overcoming obstacles and showing ourselves what we can do! 

Secret #2: Move every day – Use it or lose it!

Often as we get older, we start avoiding moves. 

We feel more out of shape. Aches and pains start adding up. 

So we end up moving less and cutting out so many of the movements that we actually NEED to be doing if we want to move better – even BLAMING them for causing our pain.

But our body was meant to move.

And if we don’t use that full range of motion, we lose it. 

It’s why Takishima moves every single day.

And not only does she work out, she finds ways to stay active around those sessions, even doing little things as she watches TV. 

She includes not only strength and cardio but also that mobility work.

Seeing the gym as that time to learn to control movement patterns we need to move well in every day life is key!

It’s that perfect time to work on our balance, stability and mobility so we can take on any challenges we want and move well till our final day on this earth! 

Secret #3: Focus on intentionality with your training.

Do not write a movement off. Squats aren’t bad for your knees.

Deadlifts aren’t bad for your back.

Moves aren’t evil or bad.

They just need to be implemented correctly based on our needs and goals!

Not every move is right for every person in the same variation. 

You need to be intentional with your training, which is why Takishima focus on those basics consistently.

Always work on that foundation.

Address those aches and pains and be conscious of what you feel working. Don’t just go through the motions or rush through your workouts. 

Our workouts are “practice” for moving better in every day life. 

And we have to remember, practice doesn’t make perfect if your practice isn’t perfect.

Focus on correcting compensations and imbalances in the gym so you can move well in every day life. 

Regress to progress to build up stronger so you are practicing those proper movement patterns to move well during daily life!

Secret #4: Embrace the 80/20 rule.

We get good at what we consistently do.

Yet so often we sabotage our own consistency because we try to hit some “ideal” or perfection with our diet that truly isn’t sustainable or enjoyable for US.

We try to force ourselves to do 100% instead of realizing that 80% is good enough to see results and maintain the habits LONG TERM.

Stop white knuckling your way through changes only to default back into old habits because you can’t keep suffering through restricting the foods you love. 

Embrace the 80/20 rule focusing on whole natural foods 80% of the time while including those foods you simply enjoy 20% of the time. 

Because, let’s face it, the more we feel we can’t have something, often the more we want it.

Restriction can create that obsession.

It’s why realizing you should be able to include things you want if you want them is key. 

This CHOICE makes it so much easier to create true changes.

While Takishima follows a diet rich in protein and whole natural foods with lots of fruits and veggies, she enjoys her wine and cake.

It’s all about realizing our unique balance to build a lifestyle we can truly maintain over time. 

Secret #5: Meet yourself where you are at.

You may not be where you want to be, but taking ownership of where you are currently is the key to moving forward.

The best results happen by meeting ourselves where we are at to make changes. 

So stop saying you can’t because of your injuries or hormones or age.

These are merely factors we need to account for when designing the best plan for US. 

Because there is always a way to move forward from where you are at.

Don’t try to force some ideal workout routine on yourself training 6 days a week if you aren’t even doing 1. 

Don’t try to force some restrictive clean eating plan on yourself where you have to cook elaborate recipes if you’re eating out for every meal. 

Don’t try to do burpees if you can’t walk 10 steps without getting out of breath or hurting something. 

Design based on YOUR current needs and goals.

Stop saying you’re doomed because you’re not.

One size doesn’t fit all.

What Takishima started doing isn’t the same training she is doing now. Over time she’s progressed moves and earned those harder variations while adjusting her nutrition based on what makes her feel best!

Secret #6: Never stop learning.

Life is truly one continual learning lesson. 

And the more we embrace that there is always more to learn and improve, the more we can keep growing and the better the results we will see. 

When we just say we can’t do something because of age, we’ve stopped learning and that is a surefire way to become a heck of a lot older way faster.

We keep our brain and body young by constantly testing our limits and learning new things. 

Question even the beliefs you hold about yourself.

Seek to even prove yourself WRONG.

Because when we are wrong, that means there is room for growth and improvement.

If Takishima didn’t seek to keep learning and challenging herself, she wouldn’t be a trainer at 92. 

She even seeks to continue her education daily through exploration of new topics.

Seek to learn new moves. Test your boundaries. Challenge yourself.

This is what creates growth and keeps us younger!

Secret #7: Implement a pre-bed routine.

Most of us know how important sleep really is to our recovery and health, but it is a hard thing to change or control.

So often we slightly overlook it as we make other lifestyle changes. 

But one way to help you get more sleep and more importantly even improve the QUALITY of your sleep is to implement a pre-bed routine. 

This consistent routine is a signal that you’re getting ready for bed and can help you relax to improve the quality of your sleep.

Consider doing a short mobility routine before bed. 

The deep breathing and relaxation of the routine can help you mental and physically unwind so you aren’t stressed after a long day.

Takishima does a few stretches to help her loosen up after the day and prepare for bed. 

This habit improves the quality of her sleep and even can be great preparation for movement the next day! 

A little extra mobility work before bed not only can help you relax but it can help you recover better between sessions, which is key as we get older!

Remember that everything seems impossible until we prove it possible. Don’t doom yourself with doubt before you’ve even tried!

Test your limits.

Embrace being comfortable being uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself to really see just how much more you can achieve!

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