I’ve done a ton of different diets in my life…And there are three things I feel are most important…

  1. It’s got to get results.
  2. It can’t make me feel deprived.
  3. It has got to be SIMPLE.

And of course, I want it to focus on whole, natural foods.

But those 3 things are key and actually WAY harder to find in a diet than you think.

So many diet want to overcomplicate things…It’s like the people creating them think the more complicated they make dieting seem the more you’ll want to “buy” their answer.

And so many diets cut out all enjoyment from life…Aka…all of the foods you love, which not only makes you feel miserable, but also makes you feel like a hermit that can never go out with friends.

Woman with Healthy and Unhealthy Food. Difficult choice. Overweight Concept

(Can I just ask why she looks freaking happy!?! NO ONE is happy about cutting out foods they love and honestly…YOU DON’T HAVE TO! It isn’t a this or that situation people! You can have both!!!)

Overcomplicated while making you miserable…That sounds about right for most diets…And worst of all…You don’t end up getting results.

OR if you do get results, you quickly lose them because you can’t maintain the unrealistic standards set by the diet for long!

And potentially you end up even worse off than where you started.

This cycle has to end. I know I was sick of personally yo-yoing and seeing my clients struggle as well.

Which led me to first find Carb Cycling and finally develop my own Macro Cycling Plan, which not only helped me reveal my abs but helped my clients lose inches and tons of weight!

First let’s take a look at Carb Cycling vs. Macro Cycling.

Many of you may know Carb Cycling or the general gist of it. You cycle your carbs and have high-carb days and low-carb days during the week. There are many ways to do this, but you often also have to time your workouts with the different days so that you have certain workouts on certain high-carb days and others on low-carb days.

While Carb Cycling can be great, it does require you to plan a bit more so you can make different meals during the week and cycle between days. I found this to be too complicated for my personal meal prep as I couldn’t prep big dishes for the week and had to make sure to buy for both types of days.

I also found that it always happened on high carb days I wanted foods with more fat, which I couldn’t have and on low-carb days, I always wanted carbs…

Always seems you want what you can’t have!

Literally the second you say, “I can’t have a cookie.” That is instantly what you want and become obsessed with EVEN if you hadn’t wanted a cookie before you told yourself that!

So for me while I think the idea of basic Carb Cycling is great, the way you usually have to implement it with programs just didn’t really fit with two of my three most important dieting beliefs…

While it gets results, it wasn’t as simple as I would have liked to be able to stick to long term and it also left me feeling deprived too often.

Don’t get me wrong…I realize it isn’t possible to get ideal results and just binge eat all of the time..BUT that doesn’t mean I always have to feel like I’m missing out.

That is why I came up with Macro Cycling.

So what is Macro Cycling?

Macro Cycling is my way of SIMPLIFYING Carb Cycling. Of making sure I’m not deprived and that I’m still getting results!

Basically it was my way of getting myself, and my clients, KILLER results while creating a LONG-TERM LIFESTYLE!

So Macro Cycling…Basically you dial in your Macros and use those Macros and calories all week. No cycling. No making different meals day to day and matching your workouts or cycling your calories up and down whether or not you worked out…

You stick with 1 Macro Breakdown for 2 weeks and then switch every 2 weeks between 3 ratio breakdowns. That means right when you start to get “bored” or even “plateau,” I switch things up so you can start eating new things.

However, on all three ratios, NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS!

You can use meals you currently love making. You can indulge in that sweet treat or crunchy, salty snack.

The point is you just dial in the ratio of each macronutrient you consume. Which means making LITTLE tweaks to what you’re currently doing.

And most importantly, it means FOCUSING ON PROTEIN!

The first Macro Breakdown I use for my Macro Cycling Plan is 40% Protein, 30% Carbs, 30% Fat. (Just to give you a reference point for how different this is from what the average American eats and mainstream thought tells them to eat, the “default” ratio in most fitness trackers is 20% Protein, 50% Carbs and 30% Fat.)


My Macro Cycling Plan is focused on the Macronutrients or the food that your body requires you to get in large amounts from your diet (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat).

This means you can eat carbs. You can eat fat. You just need to focus on protein!

And we focus on PROTEIN because protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle tissue. If you want to grow stronger and look leaner, you need to get enough protein to build, repair and even MAINTAIN your muscle tissue!

Plus, protein has a higher thermogenic effect than the other Macros, meaning you actually burn more calories to process protein, making it harder to gain fat when your diet is high in protein (studies have even shown it to have a thermogenic effect 5 times greater than carbs or fat!).

Studies of thermogenesis have also shown that one of the most important roles protein plays in body weight regulation is due to the fact that it increases feelings of satiety or feeling full!

So protein is not only key to us getting results from our workouts, but also feeling fuller and having an easier time losing body fat!

That is why I like Macro Cycling. It puts the focus on PROTEIN…not on carbs. And it allows you to still eat the fats and carbs and foods you love!

(Below is the Chipotle Chicken Loaded Sweet Potato I use in my Macro Cycling Shred as one of the recipes…It usually is a favorite!)

chipotle chicken loaded sweet potatoes

If you love chocolate…YOU DON’T HAVE TO GIVE IT UP!

If you love bread or pasta or WHATEVER, you don’t have to give it up!

If you’re gluten-free or paleo or WHATEVER, you can still dial in your Macros using my plan and improve your results!

The point is you aren’t depriving yourself of anything you love.

And you’re making things simple by being able to prep things you already love or by being able to prep meals for the week without worrying about cooking different meals for different days!

PLUS, if you want to go out, you can easily! It is easy to find meals focused on protein. You don’t have to skip carbs. You don’t have to skip fats! Heck, you can even get some extra protein AROUND the party or meal you go out to and save your carbs and fat to really use then!

I have lots of clients that have to eat out for work or travel and they’ve gotten great results using Macro Cycling!

Heck, I’ve even done cycling with lower-carb or higher-carb if you really have a preference.

The point with Macro Cycling is it focuses on PROTEIN and helps you dial in your ratios to get faster results without deprivation!

By making little tweaks or changing up little things, you can hit your ratios and get results! And as I mentioned, with my plan, you’ll cycle through 3 different ratios, switching up every two weeks!

So you can get dialed in and make meals you love, but still get to change things up so you don’t get bored!

Don’t waste time trying to deprive yourself and make things overly complicated.

Remember, the key is getting results. And CONSISTENCY is key to getting results. So a program, like Macro Cycling, which will allow you to BE CONSISTENT because you aren’t being deprived or having to do anything crazy complicated, is key to getting results!

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