Circuit training is all the rage, and while it shouldn’t be the only style of workout design you use, it can be a good one to include in your program.

Circuit training workouts are workouts where you complete different exercises back to back. Some can be super intense where you take little to no rest before moving on to the next exercise while others can be a bit less aerobic and allow you to rest 30 seconds or so before moving on to the next exercise.

You can do the exercises in circuit routines for time or for a set amount of reps. The exercises can be cardio in nature or more strength oriented.

You can alternate hemispheres (upper body then lower body) or you can blast one hemisphere with the circuit.

Below are two different Circuit Training Workouts that we love.

One is a strength circuit focused on building up a specific lift by working and strengthening the muscles involved. In this circuit training workout, the exercises are done for reps and there is more rest between exercises. This circuit is meant to be done after a big lift like the deadlift.

The second circuit workout is a full body cardio circuit. You will do the exercises for time and have very little rest between exercises. This circuit on its own is a full workout.

Strength Circuit

circuit training workout for strength

Often before this circuit we will focus on a big lift like the deadlift. We will use challenging weight and rest between sets of the lift. We generally do about 3-5 sets and between 5-12 reps per set. If you do more sets, you should be lifting heavier weights for lower reps. If you do fewer sets, you can use a higher rep range.

This circuit then has supplemental exercises to strengthen the muscles involved in that lift.

Complete 3-5 rounds of the circuit below, resting about 30 seconds between exercises and about a minute to a minute and a half between rounds.

8-15 reps Hip Thrusters (or Glute Bridge variation depending on level)
8-15 reps Inverted Row (or a variation like the Single Arm Anti-Rotational Row shown above)
15-20 reps Reverse Hypers
10-15 reps Hanging Knees to Elbows (or a variation based on your level)

Full-Body Cardio Circuit Training Workout

full body cardio circuit training workout

This is a high-intensity interval workout meant to get your blood pumping. The exercise alternate between muscle groups and even types of movements to give different parts a rest so that you can continue working without getting completely burned out.

Each exercise is done for time and you are given only 15 seconds to rest between exercises. Rest up to 1 minute between rounds. Complete 5-6 rounds of the circuit.

30 seconds Towel Taz
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Split Squat Jumps
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Rotational Med Ball Throws
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Burpees (or a variation like the Slam Bag Burpee shown above)
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Skater Hops
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Sledgehammer Slams
1 minute Rest

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