We don’t cheat intentionally, but it is easy at times to let momentum help us out. I see this happening a lot on bicep curls.

And while isolation exercises like bicep curls are key if you have a stubborn area and want to create better muscle hypertrophy or growth, if you can get a little extra core benefit from a movement isolating an area, why not!?

That’s why I love the Suspension Trainer Bicep Curls.

This move not only work the bicep from a more shoulder flexed position over the normal curl that works the Bicep with the shoulder extended, but it can also help you avoid using momentum while also improving your core stability!

The shoulder flexed position makes this curl a good one to include because, while we often think of the biceps impact on the elbow, flexing that joint, the bicep does also weakly assist in shoulder flexion.

And we’re missing out if we don’t consider all joint actions when training a muscle. Also, different degrees of shoulder flexion do impact the amount of bicep activation.

So while you may keep in your traditional bicep curls starting with your arms hanging down, starting from 90 degrees of shoulder flexion is a great complement to that basic move!

How Do You Do The Suspension Trainer Bicep Curl?

To do the Suspension Trainer Bicep Curl, hold a strap in each hand with your palms facing toward your head. Wrap your thumb around to tightly grip the handles and feel your fingers all engaged.

Walk your feet forward toward the anchor point so you are leaning back. The closer to parallel to the ground you get, the harder the move will be.

As you gauge your incline, start with less of one to focus on isolating those biceps, especially if you’re used to doing inverted rows and are close to parallel.

Lean back with your arms out straight in front of you and your shoulders flexed to 90 degrees. When you curl in, you will want your pinkies to end up by your temples.

Your body should be in a nice straight line from your head to your heels.

Do not let your hips sink toward the ground or your back arch. Keep your core tight and your chest pressed out.

Flex even your feet to engage your legs and help hold that plank position as you perform the curl.

Then, keeping your elbows at shoulder height, curl your hands in toward your forehead.

You want to focus on ONLY moving from the elbows, isolating those biceps to pull.

As you curl your arms, make sure your body stays in a nice straight line.

Once you bring the handles to your forehead, slowly extend your arms back out.

Do not extend your shoulders and lower your arms. You want to just extend at the elbows. Make sure to keep your body in a nice straight line as you move.

Then repeat the curl moving slowly.

Walk your feet forward more to move more parallel to the ground or slow the tempo of move down to advance it!

You can think even a 3-5 count in. Pause in at your forehead then a 3-5 count back out.

You can also advance it and make your core work hard to avoid rotation by doing a single arm curl instead of the bilateral move.


Isolate those biceps as you work your core with this amazing Suspension Trainer Bicep Curl.

It’s a great way to really force yourself to avoid using momentum or swinging to curl and a great way to work those biceps from a more shoulder flexed position.

What’s your favorite bicep curl variation to include?

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