The Split Squat Jump or Jump Lunge, is a very common move to see in bodyweight cardio workouts.

I definitely use it frequently myself.

But what if you have an injury or are just starting back?

How can you modify this move to fit your needs?

And let’s note here…Modifying a move doesn’t mean you’re making the move “easy.”

It simply means adjusting the moves so you can get more out of your workout and work the correct muscles to help you reach your goals FASTER.

Often modifying the move actually makes it harder because we are able to do it correctly while avoiding aches and pains.

So if you want to get more out of your training, don’t be afraid to modify!

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Now…How Do You Modify The Split Squat Jump?

Split Squat Jumps are a great cardio and leg exercise, but also a very challenging movement, requiring strength and balance.

Plus, if you struggle to properly load your glutes during a basic lunge, and tend to put too much strain on your knees, you’re going to struggle to control your recruitment patterns even more as you speed this move up and actually jump up off the ground.

With jumping lunges of any kind, one of the first modifications to try is to reduce the impact.

Start with a smaller jump or even a skip to switch instead of a big jump where both feet leave the ground at the same time.

You can even slow them down, doing a pulse in each lunge to work your legs while reducing the impact and giving you an extra second to stabilize.

If flexion is an issue, you can try not sinking as low and instead do a slight bit more of a hip hinge on the lunge with a straight back leg.

You can also step back instead of jumping or do a skater squat with backward tap.

While stepping back you can use more or less flexion as needed, the skater squat will completely eliminate active flexion as you’ll stay in that high hinged squat and simply touch back.

You can also reduce impact and even make the step back lunge a bit more challenging by adding in sliders!

If you move quickly, all of these can really get your blood pumping!

Another option is to completely swap moves and instead do a kettlebell swing or speed hip hinge if you have knee issues making lunges contraindicated.

These are posterior chain focused leg moves that will get your blood pumping.

While you always want to start by modifying with as similar a movement pattern as possible, both of these two moves are still lower body focused and will get your blood pumping even if they aren’t lunges!

The key is to modify and stay true to what you want to work and get out of the workout!

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