You are most likely to stick with a workout routine you enjoy. If working out is a chore, then you will use any excuse you can to get out of doing it.

However, if you enjoy working out, you are going to make sure to include it in your day EVEN if you are completely stressed out.

And what is more fun than playing around on a playground outside!?!

A great workout doesn’t have to involve a barbell or even kettlebells or weights.

A great workout CAN feel like play.

Below is a great video with tons of great exercises to try out on the playground. Also, check out some of my favorite Playground Workouts!

There are so many moves you can do to get in a full body workout on the playground.

Below are a couple of workouts to try if you don’t feel like making your own:

Enjoy the warm weather! Get out in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D. PLAY and make working out FUN!