There are 4 pieces to a proper workout routine – foam rolling, stretching, activation and strengthening.

If you want results, especially if those results involve strengthening your glutes, you need to make sure your workouts include all 4 parts!

Below is a possible combination of a foam rolling, stretching and activation series from my Glute Camp Cards.

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The Strengthen Your Glutes Workout

Below are each of the four parts. Do them back to back, following the instructions for each series.

Foam Rolling Series (Hip Foam Rolling Series in the Glute Camp):

Complete 1 round through the series, holding on any tight spots you find instead of rolling quickly back and forth. If something isn’t tight, you don’t need to roll it. But if something is tight, don’t hesitate to spend an extra 10-15 seconds on that area.

30 seconds per side Psoas Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Quads Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side TFL/Glutes Foam Rolling
30 seconds per side Seated Hamstring Foam Rolling

Stretching Series (The Prevent Knee Pain Stretching Series):

Complete 1 round through this series, spending more time on any tight areas. You can do these for about 20-40 seconds per move or side or up to 10 reps per side. Your focus is on improving your range of motion over the reps or time.

5-10 reps per way per side 3-Way Leg Swings
5-10 reps per side Crescent to Hamstring Stretch
5-10 reps per side Standing IT Band Stretch
10 reps Frog Stretch
4-6 reps per side Pigeon Pose Circles

Activation Series (The Prevent Knee Pain Activation Series):

Complete 1-5 rounds through the circuit below. Rest 30-45 seconds between rounds if needed, especially if you are doing an activation only workout.

30 seconds Mini Band Wall Sit
30 seconds Mini Band Alternating Side Steps
30 seconds Mini Band Glute Bridge
30 seconds Close Stance Glute Bridge

Strengthening Series (The Glutes And Abs Strength Workout):

Complete 3-5 rounds of the first superset, resting up to 90 seconds between rounds so that you can go heavy every round. Then rest 1-2 minutes and complete 3 rounds of each Triset, resting 45-60 seconds between rounds so that you don’t start to compensate.

15-20 reps Seated Mini Band Abductions
15-20 reps Weighted Glute Bridges

10-15 reps per side Standing Mini Band Lateral Raises
8-15 reps per side Single Leg Deadlifts
4-8 reps per side Side Plank Hip Dips with Rotational Reach

8-15 reps per side Walking Lunges
10-15 reps Glute Bridge and Curl
8-12 reps per side Stability Press

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