Want strong, toned glutes and legs? Then you’ll love this Booty Builder workout from my Macro Hacks program!

When our workouts and diet work together, we can get better results faster. That’s why if you want to lose body fat AND build muscle, you want to make sure you’re creating progressive overload in your workouts and challenging your body with not only heavier weights, but also different tempos.

We often turn to cardio when we want to lose weight or body fat, but actually focusing on BUILDING MUSCLE is oh so key to help us look leaner and keep our metabolism healthy and strong.

And you also want to make sure you’re including movements in multiple planes to also help you develop functional strength and avoid injury.

It’s key too, as we increase our weights and workout intensity, that we do NOT forget the prehab work. Get the correct muscles working and your body warmed up so you can work hard from that first rep of your workout.

Try this Booty Builder and feel those glutes, and legs, working!

The Booty Builder Workout

Complete 1 round through the quick stretching flow below as well as 1-2 rounds of the activation. Complete all 5 moves of the activation on one side before switching sides.
5-10 reps per side Runner’s Lunge Flow
ACTIVATION: The Side Lying Series
15-20 reps per side Lying Leg Raises
15-20 reps per side Lying Front Kicks
15-20 reps per side Lying Back Kicks
15-20 reps per side Lying Front to Back Kicks
15-20 reps per side Lying Bicycles

Complete 1-4 rounds through the first circuit. Do not rest between moves but rest 90 seconds-3 minutes between rounds so you can try and increase weight while feeling your glutes work. Then rest 2-3 minutes and move into the Triset. Complete 2-3 rounds through the triset resting 45-60 seconds between rounds. Then rest 1-2 minutes and complete 1-2 of the exercise, resting 45 seconds in between rounds. If you’re looking for added calf and core work to target those two stubborn areas (and have time!), include the Calf and Core Burner. Complete 2-3 rounds through, resting only as needed between rounds.

6 reps Dead Stop Pause Barbell Band Hip Thrusters
6 reps Fast Reps Barbell Band Hip Thrusters
6 reps Top Pulses Barbell Band Hip Thrusters
20 reps Top Hold Band Hip Thruster Abductions

8-15 reps per side Step Up to Reverse Lunge
8-15 reps per side Band Hip Rotations
8-15 reps Glute Bridge and Curl

20 reps per way 3-Way Seated Band Abductions

15-20 reps per side Single Leg Calf Raises
15-20 reps per side Single Leg Seated Calf Raises
15-20 reps Bench Two-Way Leg Lowers