Whether you want to prevent lower back, hip, knee or even foot and ankle pain or you want to run faster, cycle further or lift more, you’ve got to get those glutes activated and working efficiently.

And the Booty Band is the perfect tool to help you do just that!

By using a band for these moves, you help yourself engage the glute medius to stabilize your hips and this can, in turn, help the glute maximus also fire better and become stronger.

The band is great too because it applies constant pressure, even increasing pressure at the point in the movement where you are the strongest.

Because of the nature of the bands, the range of motion on many of these moves and the PUMP the band creates, it really helps you establish that mind-body connection and use metabolic stress to drive muscle growth.

10 Booty Band Moves To Activate Your Glutes

Squat to Squat Pulse:

If you’re planning to include squats in your workout, this is a great way to warm up your muscles, improve your hip mobility and activate your glutes.

To do the Squat to Squat Pulse, place the Booty Band right above your knees and stand with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart.

Then squat down, sitting your butt down and back. Press out on the band as you squat to about parallel or below. Do not let your knees cave in as you lower down.

Drive back up to standing and make sure you press out against the band as you stand back up. Do not let your knees cave as you stand up. Also, make sure you aren’t rocking in on your feet. After standing back up, squat down again.

This time at the bottom, come up only a few inches to pulse up and then sink back down before standing all the way back up.

Throughout, really focus on pressing out on that band!

Repeat, performing the squat then the pulse at the bottom before another full squat.

Wall Sit:

If you’ve ever had knee pain, or if you’re an avid skier, runner or cyclist, the Booty Band Wall Sit is a must-do move!

To do the Booty Band Wall Sit, place a booty band right above your knees.

Then sit back against a wall with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart and your knees over your ankles. Make sure your hips, knees and feet are all in line. Don’t let the band cause your knees to cave in. Press out against the band as you stay in that wall sit with your knees and hips about at 90 degrees.

Do not drop down below that parallel squat. Beginners may be up a bit higher if needed, but try to get your quads to about parallel to the ground. Hold here and think about what you feel working. And press your back into the wall, driving through your heels.

Donkey Kicks:

Correct imbalances as you activate your glutes with this unilateral move. It is also a great way to work on engaging your and activating your abs!

To do Booty Band Donkey Kick, start on your hands and knees and place a band right above your knees. You’ll be in a quadruped position with the band around your legs.

Your knees should be right under your hips and your feet should be flexed. Make sure your hands are right under your shoulders.

Then keeping one knee bent and foot flexed, drive that foot up and back toward the ceiling. Keep your core braced and squeeze your glute as you kick your heel up and back. Do not let your right knee flare out as you lift; however, you can kick slightly up and out to create more lateral tension on the band.

Make sure to really drive your heel up toward the ceiling. Extend your hip as you kick back. Don’t simply swing the leg back and up or hyperextend your low back to kick up higher. You want to squeeze your glute and feel your hip extending. Do not worry so much about height but about contracting your glute to almost “stop” yourself from kicking higher.

Hold for a second then lower back down and repeat.

You can also make it even more of a burner by pulsing at that end range of motion or create a bit more muscle tension by working through a fuller range of motion. You can also go down to your forearms if you find you want to arch your back or have wrist pain.

3-Way Seated Abductions:

Strengthen your glute medius from 3 different positions to activate both anterior and posterior fibers! Sometimes it isn’t about using a heavier resistance to create change, but about simply tweaks to your body position.

To do 3-Way Seated Booty Band Abductions, place the band right above your knees and sit on a bench. Start by sitting toward the front of the bench so you can lean back and put your hands on the bench behind you. Place your feet about hip-width apart.

Then press your knees open against the band as you lean back. Your feet may rock open but focus on using your glutes to press the band open with your knees. Do not let your knees cave in as you come back to the starting position. Complete all reps then move to sit up nice and tall.

Sitting nice and tall repeat, pressing out with your knees so you feel your glutes working. After completing all reps, lean forward and repeat the movement. You can hold on the bench outside your legs to lean forward or just lean over even lightly resting your arms on your legs.

Complete all reps in each of the 3 positions. Make sure you’re really focused on pressing your knees out to feel your glutes while controlling the band back in. To reduce tension, you can put your feet slightly closer together, but make sure there is tension on the band even in that starting position or the band may slip down.

Bridge with Abduction:

This is a great move to work on hip extension while activating your glute medius and maximus.

If you even include a “squeeze” as you bridge up and lower, you can help activate and strengthen your adductors as well, which can be beneficial for anyone with hip or knee pain.

To do the Bridge with Abduction, place the Booty Band right above your knees and lie on your back with your knees bent and feet together and flat on the ground just beyond your finger tips when your arms are stretched down by your sides.

Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and drive your upper arms down into the ground. Squeeze your legs together and even posterior tilt your pelvis, pressing your lower back into the ground.

Then bridge up, driving through your heels. At the top, push your knees out against the band as far apart as you can. Bring your knees back together and squeeze your legs together as you lower down.

Repeat bridging back up. Do not arch your lower back just to bridge up higher. Really feel your glutes working to bridge up then the sides of your butt working to press your knees open. You may even feel your inner thighs working as you lift and lower.

The band may lose tension as you squeeze your legs together but should become tight as you fully press to abduct at the top.

Alternating Side Taps:

This is a great abduction or lateral move to activate your glute medius and it requires less space than the traditional band side shuffle.

To do Booty Band Alternating Side Steps, place a band right above your knees.

Stand with your feet a few inches apart so there is just a little bit of tension on the band. Push your butt back slightly and soften your knees so you are in a slightly hinged position. Then step one foot out to the side. Step the other foot toward it without fully stepping together and losing tension on the band.

Then step that foot back out and bring the other back to the starting position. Keep alternating steps back and forth, staying in that slightly hinged position as you go. Do not step so wide your knees cave in. Make sure you can really press out against the band.

Plank Lateral Taps:

This is a great move to work your entire core with a little extra focus on those glutes! Beginners can always start by doing this move even off an incline with their hands up on a bench.

To do Plank Lateral Taps, set up in a high plank position with the booty band right above your knees. Your hands should be under your shoulders and your feet should be close together, just apart enough that there is a very little bit of tension on the band to hold it in place.

Holding this plank position with your body in a nice straight line and your abs braced, step one foot out to the side. Make sure you fully press out against the band and don’t just reach with your toe. You even want to think about leading with your heel slightly as you step laterally.

Don’t worry about stepping further out if it means swinging or sagging your hips. Also, don’t let your butt go up in the air.

Touch one foot laterally and step back together before stepping out to the other side. Alternate taps to each side, moving at a controlled pace.

Quadruped Straight Leg Lifts:

This move is another great unilateral move to work on activating your glutes and abs.

To do the Quadruped Straight Leg Lifts, place a booty band right above your knees. Set up on your hands and knees with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Your feet should be flexed.

Straighten one leg out behind you. Keeping your foot flexed, lift your straight leg up toward the ceiling. Squeeze your glute and lift your leg until it is about parallel to the ground. Only lift higher if you feel your glute working and not your low back. Lower the leg back down to the ground and repeat. Lift the leg straight up and squeeze the glute at the top.

Hold for a second or two and repeat. Focus on keeping both hips square to the ground and make sure you don’t lean too much toward that supporting side or bend your elbows. You can kick slightly out to the side and back too to engage your glute medius more if you’re struggling to feel your glute maximus working (and instead feel your hamstring, right under your butt, or lower back taking over).

Complete all reps on one side before switching. You can even pulse at the end range of motion if you struggle to maintain engagement with a full range of motion to start.

Side Plank Leg Lifts:

This is a great move to strengthen your obliques as well as your glutes. It is, however, a very advanced move. Beginners may do this from their knees or even off a bench and may potentially not use the band to start.

To do Booty Band Side Plank Leg Raises, place the band right above your knees. Set up in a side plank from your forearm with your elbow under your shoulder and your feet stacked. You can drop your bottom knee to the ground if you need to modify. Lift up into the side plank and flex your feet (this is a key point to flex your feet and create tension down your leg).

Then, keeping your bottom hip up, hold in that side plank position as you lift and lower the top leg. Control the lift and lower so that the band isn’t controlling you and making you lower quickly. Don’t dip your hip or swing or rotate just to kick up higher. Hold as you feel your glutes working to lift and lower that top leg.

Also, watch your foot to see if you rotate the toe open toward the ceiling. While external rotation isn’t bad, it does change how the move works your glutes.

Tabletop Bridge:

The Tabletop Bridge is a must-do activation move if you sit at a desk all day as it opens up your chest as well as your hips while activating your glutes. And when you add a band, you get that glute medius firing too!

To do the Booty Band Tabletop Bridge, place a band right above your knees and start seated on the ground with your feet flat on the ground in front of you and your hands on the ground behind you.

Press out on the band with your feet about hip-width apart. Do not let your knees cave in as you bridge and lower.

Then squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up as high as you can. Press your chest out as you bridge up. You can lean your head back if it helps your neck or slightly tuck to look in front of you to help activate your glutes. Really feel a nice stretch across your chest and shoulders as you squeeze your glutes and press out against the band.

Keep your core tight as you bridge up, even using a slight posterior pelvic tilt to protect your lower back.

Hold for a few second at the top then lower back down and repeat.

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