Your sedentary lifestyle is killing you!

I’ve heard this said.

And while it isn’t really “killing” us, it is a cause for a ton of aches and pains AND puts us at an increased risk for injury when we workout.


That forward flexion and constantly hunched posture creates imbalances. Imbalances that create immobility and compensations, which in turn lead to overuse and injury.

Ever see someone’s knees go in as they squat? Or maybe you’ve noticed you walk on the inside of your shoes? Or heck, maybe you’ve noticed your shoulders are rounded forward and low back is arched!

All of these postural distortions can lead to mobility restrictions and us overusing smaller muscles that aren’t meant to carry the load. It’s why so many people at some point will have shoulder, neck, upper or lower back pain. Heck even hip pain is unfortunately becoming more and more common!

That is why the RStoration Method is so key BEFORE you workout and to reverse the constant forward-flexed, hunched-over posture we spend most of the day in.

There are 3 parts to this process – foam rolling, stretching and activation.

And you can spend just 10 minutes a day and see HUGE benefit!

Try this RStoration Core-Focused workout below and start alleviating your back pain as you reverse the hunch and get your core working properly!

The 10-Minute RStoration Alleviate Back Pain Workout

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