Short on time? Traveling? Need a home workout because you can’t make it to the gym?

No problem! All you need is your own bodyweight to get in a killer interval training session!

Bodyweight workouts can be a great way to burn fat, build strength and improve your conditioning even when you can’t make it to the gym.

So when you need an efficient workout you can do anywhere, this 25-minute bodyweight interval workout has you covered!

Even if it isn’t the workout you had planned, SOMETHING is always better than nothing!

These 30 second on, 30 second off intervals are perfect whether you are just getting back into training or really want to max out with some tough moves!

While it is tempting to always eliminate rest from our workouts, using rest strategically can allow us to go harder during those intervals of work!

So when you need something quick, this workout is a perfect option! No equipment needed and you’ll get the blood pumping and sweat flying!

The 25-Minute Bodyweight Interval Workout

To do this workout, you can follow along with the video below. If you want to do it on your own, set a timer for 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest to transition from exercise to exercise. Complete 5 rounds through the circuit below.

30 seconds Bulldog Squat Jumps
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds T Push Ups
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Squat to Lunge
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Single Arm Plank Jacks
30 seconds Rest
30 seconds Rotational Row Sit Up
30 seconds Rest

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