So one of my male clients told me a few of his female co-workers wanted to start losing some weight. He told them they should eat more protein.

And they said back to him, “But we don’t want to get bulky!”


I was a bit stunned when he told me this.

They thought that by eating protein, since they so often saw MEN consuming protein powders and higher protein to gain muscle, that eating too much protein would make them BULKY!

BULKY…It’s a word so many women fear.

It’s a word that holds many women back from even starting to weight train. And now I find out it is a word that holds women back from even eating the protein that they should!

Let me set the record straight…



Protein absolutely, positively will NOT make you bulky, ladies. NOT AT ALL!

What protein WILL DO is:

  • Help you look lean and toned like you want
  • Help you feel energized to power through your workouts
  • Did I say look strong, sexy and LEAN!?!

Protein is the KEY…Literally the KEY to getting the results you want.

So a bit more about WHY protein so key for us LADIES and WHY it won’t make you bulky….

  • It’s the building blocks of muscle. Not only will you preserve your lean muscle mass while potentially dieting in a calorie deficit BUT you can also build lean muscle to help you look more toned! AND as we get older, especially us ladies, it can be harder and harder to retain and even GAIN muscle. A diet high in protein helps! Plus, when we are injured, we often think we need less protein, BUT a diet higher in protein can help us prevent muscle loss while we are out and restricted from training.
  • Keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Protein keeps you satisfied so that you don’t end up feeling like you are starving even if you’re trying to lose weight.
  • It makes weight loss EASIER! The thermogenic effect of protein makes it EASIER to lose weight and drop body fat on a protein rich diet EVEN if you “overeat.” A study 2014 study showed that even on a hypercaloric diet, people didn’t gain weight due to the high protein. Plus, because it preserves lean muscle mass, you will tend to burn more calories even at rest and your metabolism will stay healthy.
  • Improves recovery and muscle repair. You will provide your muscles with the building blocks they need to repair. AND the increase in protein can also help your tendons and connective tissues repair. Greater protein synthesis accelerates tissue repair and strengthens connective tissues to reduce your risk for injury.
  • Can improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis. It is actually a common misconception that high protein is bad for your bones and this “myth” is based on a misunderstanding of bone metabolism. Actually the amino acids in protein are used to build bone AND because protein increases muscles mass, there is an increase in bone strength! (1)
  • And studies of protein rich diets have even shown to improve brain functioning, quality of sleep AND even lower blood pressure!

And speaking to those ladies going through menopause and post-menopause struggling to keep the weight off…PROTEIN IS KEY TO RETAIN THAT LEAN MUSCLE MASS and keep our skin, hair and nails healthy and strong! It is the building blocks!

During and post-menopause, protein can help keep our hormones in check and help us avoid that dreaded weight gain! It can help improve our body composition as well as our overall body functioning.

In menopause your hormone levels change and even specific hormones decrease, so if you don’t get enough protein, you’re going to have a harder time maintaining hormonal balance, which is what can affect muscle retention and cause weight gain. It can also affect our digestive system, thyroid and bone health!

So really ladies I should be asking, “Why WOULDN’T you eat more protein!?!”

If you’ve been struggling to get the results you want, track your food and you’ll notice that you probably are low on protein!

Protein doesn’t lead to bulk. It leads to that strong, lean muscle that helps us move better, feel better and even LOOK BETTER!

Ready to take control of your diet and get the lean, strong body you’ve always wanted?

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