You don’t need fancy equipment or to spend hours at the gym working out to get results.

When you’re short on time, all you need is your own bodyweight and 10 minutes.

In that time you can get in a killer workout to strengthen your ENTIRE core – everything down your frontside AND your backside.

And while this workout is called the Backside Burner it targets more than just your back, hamstrings and butt. It will also work your abs, serratus anterior, obliques, quads and shoulders!

Enjoy this bodyweight burner from my 28-Day Core Burner program!

The Backside Burner

Complete 3 rounds of each circuit, moving right from one exercise to the next. After you finish the first circuit, perform 40 seconds of active rest before moving on to the second circuit. Beginners can fully rest between circuits instead of performing the active rest. Click on each exercise below to see a video demonstration and more information!

20 seconds per side Reverse Lunge to Kickback
20 seconds Forearm Plank Scapular Push Up
20 seconds Frog Bridges

20 seconds per side Single Arm Plank Rotation With Knee

20 seconds Squat with Leg Raise
20 seconds per side Plank with Reach Back and Out
20 seconds Posterior Plank Mountain Climbers