To get in a killer core workout, you don’t need weights or fancy equipment. You don’t need to do a ton of crunches either.

You can get killer results by working your core with BODYWEIGHT unilateral leg moves, hanging abs, planks and bridges.

These moves not only work your abs but EVERYTHING between your shoulders and your knees to help you build functional core strength.

And an added bonus is that by using these more compound moves, especially followed by a more isolated activation series, you can really target that stubborn belly fat and burn more calories during your workout than you would if you spent all your time on crunches and sit ups!

So if you’re ready to get a killer strong, lean core, try this workout below from my 30-Day Killer Core Challenge!

The Bodyweight Core And Leg Workout


Complete 2 rounds of the following exercises:

10-15 reps or 30 seconds Pelvic Tilt Progression
30 seconds each side Side Planks
15-20 reps Basic Glute Bridge
15-20 reps Table Top Bridge


Complete 3-5 rounds of each circuit. Rest only as needed between exercises and up to 2 minutes between rounds if needed. Pick a variation of each move and a rep range that challenges you. Don’t simply do the fewest reps or the most reps. Figure out what challenges you, but allows you to maintain proper form. Rest up to 2 minutes between circuits. Complete all rounds of one circuit before moving on to the next circuit.

10-15 reps per side Single Leg Squats
10-15 reps Hanging Pelvic Tilt
10-15 reps per side Plank Hip Dips

10-15 reps per side Balance Lunges
10-15 reps Hanging Knee Circles
15-20 reps Glute Bridge Of Box


Beginners may need to start with fewer reps and modifications for the exercises. They may also need more rest and complete fewer rounds. Advanced exercisers should do more reps, more rounds and rest less.

For the Single Leg Squats, use the lowest bench possible or use a doorway. Force your legs to do the work.

For the Balance Lunges, you can add weight if you choose, use a higher box or slow down the lower down to a 5 count to make the move harder. Beginners can start with both feet on the ground for a split squat.

For the Hanging Knee Circles, you can also do Hanging Knee Tuck to Twist. And with either you can add in a Pull Up.

Do not add in a Pull Up with the Hanging Pelvic Tilt.

For the Glute Bridge Of Box, beginners will want a lower box than more advanced exercisers. Advanced exercisers may also want to do a Single Leg Glute Bridge Of Box. If you do the Single Leg Variation, try 8-12 reps per side with 15 reps at max.

Activate + Integrate + HIIT = A Strong, Sexy Core!

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