The Mini Band is a great way to activate and burn out your glutes from every angle. Using the Mini Band, you can target all three glute muscles to really activate your glutes from every angle.

These moves will get your glutes firing to help tone your glutes while also strengthening them to help you prevent low back, hip and even knee pain.

Too often we get back pain and think, “Oh I need to work my low back. My low back must be weak.”

When really the issue lies more in the fact that we are constantly overusing our low backs to carry a load our glutes and abs should really be used for.

So to get your glutes firing using the Mini Band, try this Mini Band Booty Burner below.

Mini Band Booty Burner

Complete 2-4 rounds of each superset. Do not rest between exercises, but rest as needed between rounds so you keep feeling your glutes working. Regress as needed to so that your glutes continue to work to burn them out without your low back taking over. Beginners may need to start with fewer rounds while more advanced exercisers, or exercisers who’ve done this before, will want to do all 4 rounds.

Shorten this and just do 2 rounds of each if you are using it as activation before your workouts!

20 reps per side Mini Band Clams
20 reps Mini Band Glute Bridge

20 reps Mini Band Bench Abductions
20 reps Mini Band Reverse Hypers

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