All too often we think we need lots of jumping, burpees, and well, cardio in general, if we want to lose fat.

And while all of those moves and exercises should have a place in our routine, overdoing those things may actually be holding us back.

Sometimes those workouts that look “easy,” that seem simple, that won’t have you gasping for air, are the essential workouts we are MISSING.

They are hard in a different way and require you to establish an efficient mind-body connection to build your foundation.

They create proper recruitment patterns to keep you injury free and help your body work well so you can get even more out of all of your workouts.

And while these routines may seem easy, they will challenge your body in a new way and lead to killer results. Hey they can even burn so good!

So if you haven’t ever done a Density Interval Workout, you should try this one below!

By pairing together a basic movement and an isometric, we can not only get the correct muscles working but even build functional, full-body strength!

The Full-Body Density Interval Workout

Complete 3-4 rounds of the following circuit, resting up to 30 seconds between rounds. If the move is done on one side, do the hold then the reps on that side before switching and moving on.

After the circuit, complete 2-3 rounds of the Core Burner with 30 seconds rest between rounds. If one sided, do both moves, the hold and the reps, on that side before moving on. Then stretch and roll out.

30 seconds each side Warrior III
30 seconds each side Warrior III Squats
30 seconds Push Up Holds
30 seconds Climber Push Ups
30 seconds Wall Sit
30 seconds Squats
30 seconds Glute Bridge Hold
30 seconds Glute Bridges

30 seconds each side Side Plank
30 seconds each side Side Plank Oblique Twists
30 seconds Forearm Front Plank
30 seconds Plank Hip Dips

35 minutes. No equipment needed! –> The 10-Week Slim Down!