Grab a booty band and get those glutes, and even your abs, firing with this activation series!

Really focus on what you feel working as you go through this 5-minute burner.

Because this burner isn’t about adding more resistance or heavy weights – it’s about creating that pump or “burn.”

You want to use it to improve your mind-body connection before your run, ride or lift so you can quickly and efficiently recruit the right muscles to work when you need!

Because if we aren’t recruiting the correct muscles, we can end up compensating and overloading muscles not meant to carry the full load. And this is what leads to injury.

So if you want to prevent low back, hip, knee and even ankle pain, include a quick glute activation series before your workout!

Just remember…don’t just rush through the movements! Feel those glutes and abs working and focus on feeling that BURN!

The 5-Minute Booty Band Activation Series

Complete 2 rounds through the series, working for 30 seconds on each move. Do not rest between moves or rounds.

30 seconds Booty Band Wall Sit
30 seconds Booty Band Skater Walks Forward/Backward
30 seconds Glute Bridges
30 seconds Plank Lateral Taps
30 seconds Abduction Toe Touches


If you need more glute activation series, check out my Booty Burner Program!