Yea yea yea…we’ve all heard we can’t spot reduce an area.

And while this is true to some extent, doing workouts focused on the areas we would like to “improve” while dialing in our diet is ESSENTIAL if we want results.

We build the lean muscle that looks amazing with our workouts and then REVEAL that muscle with our diet.

By working specific areas with more focused movements, we can mobilize the fatty acids in the surrounding tissues.

So if you do moves focused on your triceps, you can mobilize more fatty acids in the tissues around your triceps.

But you can’t just then do a bazillion tricep extensions and expect results. You’ve got to put those mobilized fatty acids to work to burn them off!

That’s why you want to include moves to target your trouble zones while also burning off those mobilized fatty acids with compound moves and cardio!

You can do all of these things in a single workout even. Even if you only have your own bodyweight and 10 minutes!

So if you need a killer, quick workout to target some of those common “trouble zones,” like your abs, glutes, inner thighs and triceps, you’ll love this Burner workout from my 28-Day Core Burner program! (And if you need help with the diet side of this things, this program does have that option!)

The 10-Minute Trouble Zones Burner

Set a timer for 20 second intervals of work and move quickly from one move to the next. Try not to rest during the 20 seconds of work, but modify as needed. Complete 3 rounds then perform the active rest for about 20 seconds and move on to 3 rounds of the second circuit. Beginners may rest fully instead of doing the Wacky Jacks.

20 seconds Mountain Climber Burpee
20 seconds per side Curtsy Lunge to Leg Lift
20 seconds Alternating Leg V-Ups

20 seconds Wacky Jacks

20 seconds Alternating side Lunges with Hops
20 seconds per side Tricep Push Ups
20 seconds Spiderman Mountain Climbers

If you love this workout, check out the entire 28-Day Core Burner program…there are even follow along workouts if you enjoy doing a video workout with me!