Not all workouts to build strength need to be done for reps and sets. Sometimes INTERVALS can help you build strength, especially if you need to challenge yourself with just your own bodyweight!

If you want a 30 minute workout to build your leg, chest, shoulder, arm and CORE strength, you’ll love this Squat and Press 1 Minute Max Out. It’s a great Anterior Chain workout aka you’ll feel your entire frontside working!

The Squat And Press 1 Minute Max Out

Roll out.
5-8 rounds Dynamic Squat Flow


Set a timer for 1 minute intervals with no rest between. You have 1 minute to complete as many reps of each move as you can. Record how many you get each minute and try to beat that next time. Rest 1 minute between each round. Complete 3-5 rounds. If you are short on time, just do 3 rounds.

1 minute Alternating Front Lunges*
1 minute T Push Up
1 minute Squat to Lunge
1 minute Plank with Punch
1 minute Sprinter Sit Up
1 minute Rest

Roll out.
Some Recommended Stretches:
Camel Bridge
Child’s Pose with Reaches

*NOTES: If you have weights this is a great place to use them. You can also simply move faster to get more reps if you don’t have weights…Or hold your dog or child or any heavy object even up at your chest to add some more weight! 😉

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