Over this past year, we shared 100s of new exercises as well as workouts and fitness tips. All to help you reach your fitness goals. Here are some of our favorite articles, most popular articles and down right ESSENTIAL articles to help you set some New Years Resolutions and develop a program to help you succeed.

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Work Those Glutes

Activate those butt cheeks!

Core Strength

Strengthen your core.

Injury Prevention

Move and feel better.

Functional Fitness

Learn to use fun toys!

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Most Popular Post:

And our Most Popular Post of 2015 was….. 15 Plank Variations! side-plank-oblique-twist You all found this post so useful and interesting you shared it over 20,000 times! Thanks for spreading the love! Our readers also enjoyed our 5 Quick Booty Burners post enough to share it 4,000 times. And, while not one of our most shared post, it was one of our Top Viewed posts over the last year – Glute Activation – 10 Must-Do Moves. Apparently, people wanted to strengthen those butt cheeks in 2015 (or prevent and alleviate hip and low back pain since that post was also among our most viewed!) Low back and hip pain weren’t the only aches and pains you all were looking to prevent. Another top post of the year was Foam Rolling to Prevent and Alleviate Neck and Shoulder Pain. Foam rolling was actually popular enough that a celebrity trainer shared our Lower Body Foam Rolling Moves as well! If you sought out any of these posts this past year and are looking for a program to help you kick off the New Year, check out our 21-Day Kick Start!

Work Those Glutes

Glute Activation became a very sexy phrase over this past year and honestly it happened for good reason – most of our glutes aren’t actually working and firing properly! side balance leg lifts flute activation Because most of us sit too often during the day, our hips become tight and our glutes become inactive. This can lead to a whole host of problems and pains and injuries. It also generally means we can’t move as well, run as fast or lift as much. It may also me we don’t have the perky posterior we want! That is why Glute Activation and our Glute post are among our favorites as well as our most popular and essential!

And as this year may easily be deemed the year of Glute Activation, here is our 28-Day Booty Burner Challenge. This program has 28 days of quick glute activating workouts you can easily do at home, as warm ups before your lifts or even on off days to keep those glutes strong and working!

Core Strength:

Core strength – we all know it is important. That is why our 15 Plank Variations post was so widely shared this year. And, while Planks are a great move to strengthen your core, they aren’t your only option. Actually, a good core training program, includes many different elements – unconventional full body moves with asymmetrical loading, anti-rotational moves, rotational exercises…even crunches and sit up. downward-dog-abs Below are some of our recommended reads about developing Core Strength:

And here is one of our most popular products – The 30-Day Core Challenge. Thirty days of core workouts to help you strengthen everything from your shoulders to your knees!

Injury Prevention:

Because we all seem to sit way more than we should, we develop poor posture, imbalances and compensations….all of which lead to injury. That is why in 2015, we wrote a number of articles about preventing and alleviating pain and injury. thread the needle stretch These articles are essential to review as we enter the New Year and you start developing a program and plan to help you reach your goals because these articles will help you not only prevent and alleviate injuries, but also move better, lift more and run faster! These articles include exercises for each piece of our 4 Step Injury Prevention Program – Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strengthening Exercises. Here are some of our favorite Injury Prevention articles:

If you have any aches and pains you want to get rid of, you should also check out our 21-Day Posture Fix. These workouts are 10 minute blasts you can break up throughout the day or do quickly at your desk or at home. They will help prevent and alleviate all those common desk job aches and pains!

Functional Fitness:

Functional Fitness is trending right now. The tools and equipment make working out fun. And the workouts are usually done in a community atmosphere, which not only makes working out more fun and social, but also helps hold you accountable so you are more likely to reach your goals. And because we are a functional fitness training facility, we not only use the tools, but like to help show others how to use them too. sled-exercises Here are some articles about how to use some popular pieces of functional equipment.

Battle Ropes have been especially popular, which is why we also created a 9-Week Battle Ropes Workout Program. Check it out here. It’s just $1 per week to get in a killer 9 weeks of workouts using the Battle Ropes!

Workout Programs:

Below are some of our most popular workout programs to help you kick off 2016 right. Also, below is a link to check out our newest program, the 21-Day Kick Start! This program includes not only a workout program, but also recipes and a meal plan. Plus, you’ll also get a 30-Day Elite Workout Library Free Trial, if you aren’t currently a member.

NEW - 21-Day Kick Start

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21-Day Posture Fix

10 minutes a day is all you need to start alleviating those desk job aches and pains!

28-Day Booty Burner

Activate and strengthen your glutes with these quick workouts you can do anywhere!

30-Day Core Challenge

Strengthen and tone your core with this 30-Day Workout Program.